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Satria Yudha Wijaya, SE., MS., Ak.

Chief of LP3M

Experience & Activities

Details of Duties :

  1. Responsible for developing standards and guidelines for quality assurance systems for education, research, and community service;
  2. Responsible for compiling quality standards for education, research, and community service;
  3. Responsible for developing an internal quality audit system in the fields of education, research, and service;
  4. Coordinate the implementation of development;
  5. Responsible for the implementation of internal quality audits of education, research, and community service;
  6. The results of an internal quality audit at a university management review meeting;
  7. Submit recommendations to the Chancellor and Leadership as input for continuous quality improvement;
  8. Develop a Quality Assurance System implementation tool through the preparation of:
    1. Quality System Policy at the UPNVJ ;
    2. Quality Manual;
    3. Quality Procedures;
    4. Quality Standards;
    5. PPEP Manuals; and
    6. The Quality Audit Toolkit
  9. Implements the Quality Assurance System consistently, continuously, efficiently, and accountably;
  10. Develop models and systems of academic quality assurance and performance of work units on an ongoing basis;
  11. Carry out internal quality audit training activities for prospective internal auditors;
  12. Conduct internal audits on academic quality and performance in work units within the UPN “Veteran” Jakarta consistently and continuously;
  13. Carry out the management and control of related data, documents, and information systems;
  14. Carry out the administrative affairs of the Learning Development and Quality Assurance Institute;
  15. Monitor data and information relevant to improving the quality of the UPN “Veteran” Jakarta;
  16. Facilitate and assist the Study Program in preparing documents and carrying out visitations;
  17. Conduct socialization with the employees of UPN “Veteran” Jakarta regarding the guidelines for the implementation of the Quality Assurance System;
  18. Coordinate and implement the assessment of Lecturer Performance Reports.
  19. Carry out Internal Quality Audits within the UPN “Veteran” Jakarta, periodically, planned, and programmed;
  20. Responsible for the implementation of PEKERTI and applied approach;
  21. Facilitate teaching materials writing services;
  22. Carry out training in the preparation of teaching materials and learning media based on e-learning;
  23. Carry out the development of Bela Negara character education;
  24. Facilitate international certification and accreditation; and
  25. Carry out other official duties;
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